What We Do

What We Do

Innovative and exellent in supplying and creating the best branding management with high quality products.

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What We Do

Implement good comminication of branding management with effective and condusive working enviroment.


Ghantari company moves the creative field especially merchandise. The accessories business has very good opportunities. Many people make accessories as souvenirs or something that is characteristic of a person. Accessories have an important role in supporting appearance and increasing self-confidence in people who wear them, so that accessories are now considered a necessity.

Event management

3 Point is a company organizing an event that is managed professionally, systematically and effectively in preparing in activities including concepts, planning and supervision in an event.


Concept brand identity is an identity that distinguishes between one company and another, functioning as an image or image that can attract attraction. The role of our company determines the direction of creation in forming related to brand identity. So that a company has an identity in conveying the contents of the company itself.

Web & App development

Done Colleague is a team that provides services in the form of web and mobile applications. Our service for you to have a simple, clean and customized web-based system. and nowadays, mobile apps have been widely known in this rapid changing technology, particularly in IT world.

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